Georgia National Guard

Military Funeral Honors

Frequently Asked Questions

Mailing Address :

Oglethorpe Armory 
Attention: MFH NCOIC
5019 HWY 42
Ellenwood, GA 30294

Email Address :

Main Phone : 678-569-6073

FAX : No longer accepting

'Do you have to give 48 Hours notice to receive honors? '

No. In most cases, we can support the requested honors within 24 Hours notice. We understand that occasionally situations arise and you may have less than 24 Hours to submit your request if this is the case please send your application immediately and follow up with a phone call to our Operations Center at one of the listed numbers.

'Our Veteran does not rate Full Honors Retired Died on Active Duty CMoH Recipient. Is there a way we can still receive a firing party?'

Our Program works with many Veteran Service Organizations throughout the State and will try our best to coordinate a Firing Party for your service. However, these Veteran Service Organizations are not always available and operate on a volunteer basis.

'I cant find my Veterans DD214 or proof of service is there a way I can request this?'

If you wish to obtain copies of your Deceased Veterans military records, you may submit a request following the guidance on the following website: Note: The Request must be from the Next of Kin and presented as an Urgent Burial Request so that you can receive the DD214 within 24-48 Hours.

'Our Veteran served in another Branch of Service Navy Marine Corps Air Force Coast Guard. Are you able to provide honors for him or her anyway? '

The request for honors should go through the Veteran Retiree or Service Members Parent Branch of Service. That Branch of Service due to unforeseen or rare circumstances may contact us for support, however, requests should be directed to the deceased Parent Branch of Service. Please click here for other Branch of Service contact information for honor requests. Other branch contact info Marine Corps 1-866-826-3628 Navy 404-542-3852 Airforce 678-655-5272

'If I do not have a proof of service can I still submit a request for honors?'

Yes. If you do not have a proof of service please submit your request anyways and we will obtain this information at a later time.